We believe the best investments make a difference. Creating positive impact on people’s lives, communities and on the planet itself.

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Civitas Investment Management

Civitas is a leading impact fund advisory firm investing across the UK and Continental Europe. Acting on behalf of institutional investors, our strategies invest in real assets backed by governments and local municipalities. Ultimately achieving social and sustainable impact for individuals and their communities.

At the core of our ethos is commitment to making a difference whilst delivering consistent financial performance.


Assets under Advisory


People Benefiting from Positive Impact


Community Assets


Investment Sectors

Our Strengths
and Philosophy

Built over years of experience across our multi-disciplinary, specialist team, Civitas’ investments benefit from expert knowledge and understanding of the sectors in which we operate.
  1. Entrepreneurial Drive

    Pioneering impact investors implementing government-backed strategies with low correlation to wider markets 

  2. Expert Operational Knowledge

    In-depth operational knowledge of behavioural healthcare delivery across our specialist, multi-disciplinary team

  3. Consolidating Demand Led Social Infrastructure

    Addressing supply and demand imbalances throughout communities and fragmented markets by creating investment-grade portfolios with strong risk-adjusted returns

  4. Delivering Social and Environmental Impact

    Positive impact delivered across all strategies, supported by government and local municipalities across the UK and Europe 

  5. Unique Sourcing

    Strong national and international network to access unique best-in-class opportunities

  6. Risk Mitigating

    Defensive strategies with downside protection to deliver compelling risk-adjusted returns


Our Investment Sectors and Approach

We are currently focused on four, often inter-linked, Investment Sectors:

The development and acquisition of new and repurposed community, affordable and care-based housing delivered against the backdrop of ever-growing societal demand.

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The delivery of specialist long-term healthcare facilities, moving reliance on remote stay large institutions of the past, into bespoke community services freeing up vital resources within national healthcare systems.

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Expanding the availability of independent specialist schools, delivering bespoke education within dedicated environments for neurodiverse young people, unable to partake in mainstream education.

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Investment in enhancing energy efficiency across our portfolios and supporting innovation and development to drive the transition to renewable energy.

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Our Investment

Our investment sectors offer strong infrastructure characteristics within a social framework.
  1. Low Correlation

    Low correlation to traditional real estate sectors and other real assets due to long-term government-backed predictable cashflows

  2. Long-Term Contracts

    Long-term leases delivering secure and predictable cashflows 

  3. Inflation Indexation

    Inflation linked cashflows with the protection of caps and collars

  4. Primary Legislation

    Backed by primary legislation and government policy

  5. Supply Demand Imbalance

    High levels of unmet demand and structural undersupply of suitable properties

  6. Environmental / Social Impact

    Positive social and environmental impact set against relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals and government targets


Affiliations and Memberships

Civitas is proud to be an active participant of various industry associations and organisations; supporting and adhering to impact and ESG standards.