Healthcare Overview







Properties Supporting Delivery of Excellent Care

The delivery of specialist long-term healthcare in the UK and Europe has pivoted from remote stay large institutions of the past, into bespoke community provision, of the type provided by Civitas, freeing up vital resources within the NHS and other national healthcare systems.
Market Leader in Healthcare Properties

In addition to the provision of supported housing, we deliver long-term accommodation for people with higher acuity needs within community-based residential care facilities.

These properties offer bespoke facilities for working-age and older adults that in some instances include aquatic services designed for the rehabilitation needs of disabled individuals as well as supporting those requiring higher levels of medical supervision and support.

Enhancing Lives with Greater Independence

Our healthcare properties support the delivery of dedicated care services that are designed to both enhance lives and enable individuals to experience greater independence within a caring and supportive environment.

Residents are often young, in their 20s and 30s and our properties are designed to reflect the need to enable interaction within the community and to facilitate greater family involvement.

Civitas Quality Assurance Board

Over 200 care providers deliver care services into our properties. Whilst we have no direct engagement in the delivery of care and are not responsible for it, we do take particular interest in the quality of the services being provided.

The Civitas Quality Assurance Board has been established with qualified medical professionals to meet with, and report on, the quality of care services being delivered. This is undertaken in a supportive and collaborative manner and is in addition to the formal reviews undertaken by the Government’s Care Quality Commission.

It is an example of the approach taken by Civitas in ensuring that we play our part in the delivery of quality care.