Healthcare - Overview

Across the UK and the EU the total cost of mental ill-health is estimated at more than 4% of GDP, over €600 billion a year*.

Together with many other developed regions and economies the UK and the EU have established positive social strategies that require the closure of remote, older long-stay hospitals and the corresponding development of more local community based provision.

Within the UK in particular the delivery of long-term, specialist mental health care has, over the last 30 years moved substantially from the NHS to private sector specialist care providers with a corresponding need for the development of purpose built community-based specialist healthcare accommodation.

As at 30 September 2021, through CSH CIM works with:


CIM targets the acquisition and development of modern specialist healthcare properties that are capable of meeting this long-term need with community-based provision.

Today in the UK the existing adult specialist healthcare facilities are working to capacity and more are urgently needed.

Total UK Health Spend

  • 2017 total UK health spend £197bn

  • 3.3% growth over 2016

  • 79% public vs. 21% private

Annual Spend Analysis

  • Total annual spend of £12.3bn for specialist adult healthcare

  • Cost of accommodation is contained within the overall total care cost

  • Specialist adult healthcare sector augmented in size by other care related sectors:–

    • Acute services for children and young people

    • Acute early onset dementia

    • Other acute care needs

    • All sectors are experiencing growth in demand

The demand for adult specialist healthcare and its associated accommodation is predicted to experience long-term average growth of 5% + per annum.

CIM targets this growth by commissioning the delivery of new community-based facilities as well as acquiring existing modern built facilities.

Working with more than 115 care providers across the country, including around 30 of the top 50 national providers, CIM has built an extensive knowledge of the operation of adult specialist care which informs its real estate projects in the sector.

*source: OECD, Health at a Glance: Europe 2018.