Urban Regeneration - Overview

Many towns and cities across the UK and the EU are facing strategic challenges driven both by broad global shifts such as the growth of the internet and the decline of the high street or as a result of past dependencies on older industries.

With more than 200 significant urban regeneration projects taking place in the UK alone CIM supports the view that consideration must be applied to the impact on local communities and the lives of those who live and work there.

Such projects are also likely to reflect a preference for increased localism as a result of COVID-19.

New Beginnings

An opportunity exists for local community healthcare, social and affordable housing, together with broader social infrastructure to act as a catalyst in place making to enable mixed-use regeneration schemes to be both viable and socially relevant.

This includes the delivery of mixed tenure housing both social and affordable, together with specialist care-based housing, shared ownership and private sale plus local healthcare facilities.

Bringing together the skills and experience in the CIM team we are now working with several local authorities who are promoting urban redevelopment schemes with a strong sense of improved community services and local engagement.

In addition to an increase in social and affordable housing such schemes can benefit the community by providing accessible healthcare facilities, low cost start-up office space and other community facilities.

By repositioning civic centre retail it offers the potential to become more relevant to today’s community needs. Retail environments can be envisaged that support locally designed offerings including food and beverage and other destination retailers as part of a community based focus.